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Wardrobe organisation

Are you finding yourself not knowing what to wear every morning or wearing the same clothes over and over again?

You don’t know how to combine your items?

Not sure what your style is or want to change your style and don’t know where to start?

Do you already have a clear idea of your style, but you don't have time to organize your closet and need someone that can help you?


For all that I’m here for you! 


How it works?


  • I come to your home and we will decluttering your wardrobe and together we will sort through what items should stay, be donated, sold, or altered

  • Then I reorganize your entire wardrobe in a practical way. You just supervise, I do the work

  • If you need, I style the remaining pieces into new outfits and teach you helpful tricks about how to create perfect looks. I photograph your newly-styled outfits during the session to create a personal Lookbook. This will ensure you don’t forget a single look

  • I suggest a shopping list of items that you will be encouraged to purchase (if necessary).

  • You will have 1 month support. You can reach out to me by whatsapp or email with styling or organization questions


CHF 70.-/h 

This investment will make your life easier and will make your daily process of choosing outfits much less stressful.

My services are offered in German, English, Italian and Portuguese.

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